Tim Tinasakti Bhanubandh

Tim Tinasakti Bhanubandh is the chairman and managing director of Maneeya Realty Co. Ltd., a leading commercial real estate development and property management firm.
Tim founded Maneeya Realty Co. Ltd. in 1988, bringing expertise in executive management, real estate, and business development. In his present capacity, he oversees a diverse portfolio of real estate projects and is responsible for the overall operation and management of the Company, spearheading the development and implementation of effective business plans, and leading both internal and external teams.  Tim is well known and highly regarded by both colleagues and clients for his dedication and vast-ranging knowledge, and attributes his success to diligence, perseverance, and hard work, qualities equally evident in his level of academic attainment. Tim obtained Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Southern California-Marshall School of Business and Penn State University and went on to receive a Master of Business Administration degree from Louisiana State University. This level of success extends well beyond the professional level and Tim maintains a dynamic philanthropic profile within the community. In his spare time, he enjoys running, reading, travel, relaxing, and the company of family.

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